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          About ABT

          (Factory in Jiangmen &  Sales Office in Guangzhou)

          ABT DIGITAL PAPER CO,LTD was established in 2007. The company is located in Yinzhou lake papermaking base, ShuangShui town, XinHui district, JiangMen city, GuangDong Province. The base is adjacent to Tanjiang in the north, Yinzhou Lake in the east, and Yamen waterway, one of the eight estuaries of the Pearl River, with superior geographical position and developed land and water transportation.

          The company covers an area of about 180,000square meters, with a construction area of more than 60,000 square meters. At present, the company has a paper production line with an annual capacity of 80,000 tons, mainly producing high-end special paper, including Photographic paper, Inkjet paper, food grade paper, cardboard, release paper, offset paper, white kraft paper, etc. A PE lamination line, with an annual capacity of 20,000 tons, the products include photographic base paper, Inkjet base paper, release base paper etc. A silicon coating line, with an annual production capacity of 80 million square meters, the products include single silicon paper, double silicon release paper, glassine paper etc.; Two coating lines, with an annual capacity of 60 million square meters, the products include  waterproof Inkjet photo paper , non-waterproof Inkjet photo paper, art paper, INDIGO, LATEX and other products. Supporting cutting and packaging workshop, according to customer requirements to provide a variety of specifications of products. Company products are widely used in digital imaging, high-end packaging, printing, double-sided adhesive and car stickers, and other industries, annual output value RMB1.5 billion, formed from the base paper, PE lamination coating, the silicon coating and coating to a complete production line process such as cutting, packaging, became the world's third manufacturer after Felix Shoeller in Germany and Japan's Mitsubishi, has complete the whole process to produce high-end photographic paper, inkjet photo paper, release paper and specialty paper manufacturer.

          The company is committed to become a set of research and development, production, marketing as one of the comprehensive special paper industry leader. At present, the company has obtained ISO9001, ISO14001, FSC and other quality, environmental system certification; The company's products through SGS REAH, ROSH testing. The company has successfully developed image series of digital base paper, photographic base paper, inkjet photo paper, Indigo photo paper etc. Special paper series standard release paper, leather release paper, white kraft paper, super white card, single silicon paper, double silicon release paper and so on. The above products have been sold at domestic and overseas, well received by users.

          Companies adhering to the technology concept always attaches importance to technology research and development team building. The company has established a multi-functional comprehensive laboratory and a special paper technical team based on the state key laboratory of south China University of technology and the special paper research and development team. And specially hired paper, PE lamination coating, and silicon coating authoritative technical experts for the company full-time consultants. In 2018, the company passed the recognition of high-tech enterprise and the recognition of Guangdong provincial engineering center, and the research and development center of the company was named as "Guangdong digital new material engineering center".


          Advanced technology, excellent quality, outstanding service, green environmental protection is ABT 's purpose and principle; ABT 's business philosophy is to put morality first, quality first, honesty first and people first. ABT people sincerely look forward to working with you from all professions and trades to jointly write a new chapter of high-end special paper and high-end digital imaging products localization.