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          Sales Network

          ABT Digital Paper Co.,Ltd, as a highly integrated specialty paper manufacturer with annual capacity of 100,000 tons of base paper, the main product with photo paper base paper, art paper, release base paper, Offset  Paper, indigo and other high-end specialty paper. ABT also has a set of printing, double-coated, composite as one of the most advanced plastic production line, the automatic thickness and automatic grinding, who is the first introducer for the domestic similar equipment for the world’s leading technology. ABT provides a strong guarantee for the smooth, uniformity of the composite product, and other technical indicators. 

          Now quality outstanding has obtained trust and praise from customers, built us good relationships with many famous companies at home and abroad, and made our products being hot sale all over the world.

          Manufacturing Base:

          Telephone number: 0750-6419777                      Fax: 0750-6418777            

          Adress: B-2 YinZhou Lake Paper Base, Shuangshui Town, XinHui, Jiangmen City, Guangdong, China